Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eating = Licking?

Abby emphatically went to the fridge saying, "THIS! THIS!"

Obviously, "this" left me zero clues as to what she actually wanted. I kept running down the list to see if I could give her what she wanted.

Finally I said, "Would you like an apple?"

Yes, Abby says.

"Apple. Apple."

Okay, great. So I cut up the apple into smaller slices and give her one. I cut the rest up and put on a plate. I'll eat most of them.

I sit down on the couch and see that Abby is now playing with her books and has put the apple slice on the floor.

She then walks over to me and starts grabbing the slices off the plate, one-by-one. She licks each one, then places it carefully back on the plate.

Apparently, actually eating the apple wasn't in her plans.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, we have foresight into our future thanks to a couple incidents this weekend.

First, I was concerned that Abby would be uneasy being dropped off at the church "daycare" while I went to service. She has been reluctant to leave us lately or tends to cry when we leave. Instead of my concerns coming to fruition, she saw the toys and kids in the daycare and never looked back. So much for our clingy child.

Second, I was less concerned that Abby would be overly jealous of her new sibling that will arrive sometime in June. Yesterday we were visiting a friend's three-week old and I was holding her. The dog then barked, startling Abby. She wanted to sit on my lap for comfort ... but I was holding the baby.

She tried to yank the baby off my lap by the foot.

I can see I'll need to be a tad more concerned about Abby come June.