Things my kids say

10/1/15 - Jack:

I have to thank my son's teachers for providing material while he's at school. There are a number of Jackisms we wouldn't otherwise be privy to!

Thank you, Sam, for this one.

Jack: "Ms, Sam do you have a baby at your house?"

Sam: "Nope, bud, just baby turtles."

Jack: "Well, why not?"

Sam: "I just didn't have a baby yet. One day I will."

Jack: "Oh okay, you left your baby at the dentist?"

Truly baffling.

7/25/15 - Abby:

We were winding down for the night watching TV. A make-up commercial comes on. After it's over, Abby - in total seriousness - asks:

Abby: "Dad?"

Tom: "Yeah?"

Abby: "When I get big, can I get butterfly mascara?"

7/18/15 - Jack:

We were all coloring and turned to see that Jack was spitting out orange crayon pieces having taken a bite out of one.

Tom: "What did it taste like, Jack?"

Jack: "It tastes like sweet sauce!"

7/9/15 - Jack:

We were calling my parents for a donation to St. Jude Research Hospital.

Abby: "We are calling for a donation!"

Jack: "I want a Dalmatian too!"

6/15/15 - Abby:

Abby and Jack were playing together and Jack stopped to play with Evie.

Abby: "Jack! You can't just move on and not play with me!"

Jack: "Oh."

3/21/15 - Jack:

Jack: "Why did Abby go to the doctor?"

Tom: "I don't know, why?"

Jack: "Because she tooted and a lunch box came out!"

3/7/15 - Jack after returning from the Michigan basketball game:

Me: "Jack, go wash your hands."

Jack: "No! I'm Spike!"

Me: "::sigh:: 'Spike' ... go wash your hands."

2/12/15 - Jack:

Me: "Jack, go get a tissue to wipe your nose."

Jack scampers out of my room only to return a few minutes later.

Jack: "I just used my shirt."

2/7/15 - Jack:

He's tipping his cup upside down and shaking water onto the carpet. I tell him not to do this.

He responds, "It's okay! I'll just clean it up with toilet paper."

2/7/15 - Abby:

Jack runs a large, metal dump truck into our sliding glass door. I tell him not to do that, because he could break the window.

Abby chimes in, disapprovingly, "Yeah, and then it would be cold in here."

2/6/15 - Jack:

We got home from school/work. Jack asked Tom to help him with something.

Tom: "Yep, one second, just let me change my pants."

Jack: "Because you have pee pee on them?"