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When I was considering a job as a Rodan+Fields consultant, I was in a place of financial need. I didn't care about longterm potential, I didn't care about earning a Lexus, I didn't care about becoming a millionaire.

I wanted to sell a few products to pay my electric bill.

Therefore, the No. 1 question I had for my now Rodan+Fields sponsor was: how much money can I make right away?

Now I am about to complete my fifth full month in this business and I have achieved what I set out to do: I have been able to pay my electric bill -- and a few additional bills on top of that -- each month. Having reached that goal, I have also adjusted my thinking toward my longterm potential, earning a Lexus, and becoming a millionaire.

I'm glad that was nowhere on my radar when I started, though, because it gives me a top-level perspective to share with you -- someone who may be considering becoming a consultant. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of people bombarding you with requests to hear more about the business, or you may feel jolted after casually looking into the business and coming across all of the fast start initiatives.

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to enter this business as someone looking to build sustainable wealth. Frankly, that was the furthest thing from my mind and it felt grossly unrealistic. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with entering this business with the goal to build sustainable wealth, and the great thing is that it is completely possible.

Product Focus: Be A Seller

This is where I was when I started as a Rodan+Fields consultant.My goal was to earn as much money as I could as quickly as I could, so I focused on customers. Because the products are so good and I enjoyed them so much, I had no problem signing preferred customers. I had 11 my first month, an additional 10 after that, and another eight after that. I'm now closing in on 40.

Selling the products is what I was passionate about and it brought in good money. That's what makes Rodan+Fields such a great model -- you don't have to sign business partners to make money. In fact, if you only casually sign business partners, you won't see a huge shift in your income. The big chunks come from PCs, which is completely in your control.

Rodan+Fields pays consultants twice from PCs. Not only do consultants get a percentage of the sale, they receive all of the overhead beyond wholesale cost. That means if a product is $35 for consultants, but sells for $45 to PCs, I receive a $10 profit and that $10 profit is still included in my commissionable volume.

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Partner Focus: Be A Recruiter

There are some consultants who look to sign new partners with a vengeance right out of the gate. These are the ladies (or gentlemen) who reach the top of the pay plan in six months, earn a Lexus before they've hit their one-year mark, and, frankly, who made me feel like somewhat of a failure when I first started.

I truly envy these people and I wanted to be one of them! Unfortunately, though, I had to learn the hard way that I'm someone who has to walk the walk before talking the talk, so my own recruiting took a back seat to building my customer base. Once I found a steady income there, I shifted once again toward building my team.

While this model won't earn a huge paycheck right away, there is a nice benefit to signing partners en masse. You earn commission on the business kits you sell -- typically $695 or $995 -- providing a nice sales volume.

Rodan+Fields also rewards consultants who start fast. The business will refund the business kit of consultants who sign up two partners before their second full month of selling. There are also prizes (Kate Spade wallet and purse, Nordstrom shopping spree) and cash bonuses.

If you think you'd be gifted at recruiting in this way, please sign up to sell under me. I say this tongue-and-cheek ... and with total seriousness.

Balanced Focus: Network

The final approach is the one I'm settling into now: balance.

This is not as sexy of an approach as the recruiter, who will begin to build wealth in chunks once a team is in place. The hope of this approach is a steady incline of income and a team of dedicated people with the right motives.

I've spoken with people who have been courted by other Rodan+Fields consultants and it sounds like these consultants are willing to beg, borrow, cheat, or steal to get others to sign on as business partners.

While I understand this motivation, it is ultimately futile, and I had to learn that the hard way. The last thing you'd want to do is go out of your way to convince someone to sign up and then have that person do nothing with the business. What a downer!

Instead, use the products, talk about your products, sell the products, and show people what an amazing business you are a part of. Find your niche of reaching out to others -- a personal style each one of us has -- and time will give you what you're looking for.

Time is certainly teaching me how I've missed the mark and how to adjust to get a better response. Genuine, pure intentions will draw others in -- it's just a matter of conveying them effectively!

I am a Level I Rodan and Fields Executive Consultant looking for driven people to mentor and join my team! If you are one of those driven people, please reach out!