Friday, May 29, 2015

Forbes: Living The Dream, Self-Made Women Edition

I read Lean In. I loved it. It's a subtle yet forceful message that women need to do a better job of standing up for themselves because if they don't, nothing is going to change.

Mentioning Sheryl Sandburg, I also need to mention that I am heartbroken for her following the recent loss of her husband. I can't imagine the pain she is experiencing right now. She is a phenomenal woman who has stood up for those who are not using their voices loud enough and she's encouraging women to do more in the business world.

I am a new entrepreneur who is currently looking for a part-time job to provide for my family as I continue along the path toward my dreams. Women like Sheryl encourage me to continue on, and articles like the one Forbes published today encourage me even more.

Sex Sells

This is a culture in which sex sells, and there are a lot of women who use that to their advantage. Yes, it's playing the game, but it's an insecure path to take. I love that strong, intelligent women are moving to the forefront and representing the path of most resistance.

I may be a pain in the ass who talks too much and creates too many waves, but I haven't let anyone change me. I am going to succeed, damn it. And I'm going to do it my way.

Aligning with the Right People

As I work my PR business with my best friend, Tara, I love the fact that my side business, Rodan+Fields, is the baby of two other strong women, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. They have a business opportunity video in which they introduce each other as best friends and business partners.

Not only is this company I'm representing headed up by amazing businesswomen, they, too, are best friends. I must be on the right path.

Funny Ladies

Throughout history, there are the funny women who are legitimately talented in the world of show business and have the ability to be self-deprecating in the most amazing ways. Back in the day it was Lucille Ball and Betty White, who is still going strong.

Now it's Melissa McCarthy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Patricia Arquette. I absolutely love this skit from Amy Schumer's show!

Warning, the 'F' word is used a lot!

So, while I would love to keep writing about this topic of strong women, I currently have a future strong woman on my lap. She's five months old today and is not about to be left in a baby swing.

Per Sheryl Sandburg, I will continue managing my business and being a mom as I plan to take over the world and set the best possible example for my two daughters and -- even more importantly -- my son.

It's Friday. Do a Little Something for Yourself

It's Friday. You're ready for the weekend. You're supposed to be working, but instead you're browsing Facebook, hopping from one person's post to the next. Before you know it, you're looking at photos of a high school classmate from three Christmases ago and stalking someone you haven't spoken to in years to see if he's found another girlfriend.

Don't lie.

Since you're more than likely engrossed in a state of being unproductive, I'm going to pounce on your inner desire to pamper yourself.

Enter my world of Rodan+Fields ...


Let's just get this out of the way now. You don't want to buy because it's expensive. I get it. It is expensive. But there is a huge difference between buying something expensive that gives you zero benefit and buying something expensive that does what it says it's going to do.

Read on.

You may decide to take the plunge and purchase something from me. Let's say you're part of the less than 1-percent that wants to return your product for one reason or another. The great thing is, you can return it. You can use every drop of every bit of product in every bottle and get all of your money back within 60 days. These kick ass doctors believe in their product that much. So you're really not risking anything.

What Have You Done for Yourself Lately?

It's a matter of luxury, not necessity. You're not buying something you need you're buying something you want. My job is to convince you that you want it. And you want it. Trust me.

The same way you want a beautiful, expensive purse, or a nice pair of shoes, you want Rodan+Fields skincare ... and it will leave your skin feeling beautiful and light.

There's No Quick Fix ... But Maybe There is ...

If someone was selling you a product that would give you the body you've always wanted in 60 days or less, you'd pounce on it.

For that same reason, if you're an adult who has struggled with acne or red skin forever and nothing has worked, try this. You have nothing to lose. And it's worked for people!

Here is a photo of my aunt who has struggled with Rosacea throughout her life. Nothing worked ... until this.

In Conclusion ...

So, the moral of the story is: it may be a little on the pricey side, but there's no risk, you deserve it, and it may be the answer you've been looking for.

Your skin is like your sex life: if it's great, it ain't no thang. You don't even think about it. If it sucks, it consumes you. You hate it. It's all you think about.

 So give in to that temptation and do a little something for yourself why don't ya?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Name that Parent: Who Do Our Kids Take After?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then come the babies and the two of you spend the rest of your lives debating who they take after.

Husbands and wives love to say, "she gets that from me," or, "he's your son." I'm never sure if we do that out of pride -- good or bad traits -- or fear.

So, let's take a look at my kids and their awesome traits and see who Tom and I think they take after. Tom is actually in the room, so I'm going to poll him LIVE.

Hold on to your butts (name the movie).

The Tyrant

Pretty much.
Abby is a tad ... bossy. And I know I'm not supposed to use the word bossy because feminism and equal opportunity workplace yada yada. But. She is.

We went to my best friend's house for Memorial Day. She has a three-year-old daughter who is also, shall I say, headstrong. The two of them could not play together. They were offending each other left and right. It was like one of those chess matches where the two players are so good no one makes a move because they are anticipating each others moves.

Where does she get that quality?

I say: Me. Yes, it's true. This is the reason I am not someone everyone loves. I want to be in control and that offends more people than I probably realize. I'm going to try and help Abby not offend as many people as I do on a daily basis.

Tom: You. Because you're a thick-headed numbskull.

The Sensy

Jack has been described as "all boy," which essentially means he is more than happy injuring himself and others. I'm not sure what it means beyond that.

On the flip side, he is also incredibly sensitive to sound (hates horns), touch (hates pants), and Abby (does whatever she wants).

Where does he get that quality?

I say: Neither. I think Jack is a unique bird. His sensitivity comes from Tom. Although, his willingness to do what Abby wants in order to keep her from going nuts may also come from Tom. And I respect that.

Tom: Has no answer because he is engrossed in watching The Bachelor. And apparently me bossing him around to get an answer is not effective.

The Thoughtful One

On to the attractive qualities. Abby is incredibly thoughtful. As much as she can be a huge pain (and I say that with love), she truly loves to see others happy. If we need something, she will help us. Though, there are times we will ask, "Can you do me a favor?" and she'll say, "No. I don't want to."

Where does she get her thoughtful quality?

I say: She gets it from both sides. The fact that she likes to mother her siblings comes from me without a doubt. Thinking of others in terms of special gifts comes from Tom. In other words, we're both incredible.

Tom: Both of us. Because we both offer different qualities that we learn from.

And just like that ... WE WOULD WIN THE NEWLYWED GAME.

The Entertainer

Jack is hysterical. He's strange, I will admit. But he's beyond funny. If you would like some examples, visit the things my kids say page.

Where does that sense of humor come from?

I say: Me. Because I'm hilarious. Duh.

Tom: I don't know. He's his own. I think we allow him to establish who he is.

And now I'm petty. Oh, well.

I will admit, he is a brand all his own. And I love how he rocks it. Both of our "big kids" are pretty kick ass.

Not actually my kid.
That brings me to ... the baby.

Who does she remind us of to date?

I say: Me. Because she conveys her opinion with her eyebrows.

Tom: I don't know. I can't wait to find out. I think she's going to be her own soul. The fact that she just smiles at everything from the jump.

And once again. I'm petty. Do we see why Tom married me? Clearly I'm quite a catch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yep. I won the wallet.

It's amazing what a little swag can do for your self esteem.

I am so unbelievably excited to earn this damn wallet. Yes, a wallet. It's really nothing overly fancy, but it's something I did all by myself. By selling. Me. A salesperson.

I didn't really think I would be cut out for sales, but it turns out I could sell sand in a desert. All it takes, for me, is truly believing in something. Then look out, world.

I started this blog because I wanted to tell stories about my kids. I still want to tell stories about my kids, but I'm finding now that I also want to tell stories about my life and about my business. I ventured out on my own over a year ago and am still wading through the murky waters of entrepreneurism. I am enjoying working with companies and professional athletes, but I have also found hope in a jar (or a tube?) in the form of Rodan+Fields.

This business is something I am absolutely loving, which was completely unexpected. But it's social media marketing and sales -- something I went to school for.

It's also fun to hear my daughter ask if I'm having a "skincare party" and to see her show off the products to my guests. It's becoming a family business in which my kids know the lingo, and that's actually quite satisfying.

Yes, kiddos, your mama hustles lotion. But it's paying the bills.

I DID IT! I have earned this Kate Spade wallet through my Rodan+Fields sales! I am SO EXCITED about this, you have no...
Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on Wednesday, May 20, 2015