Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Me, According to Abby

I'm at that point where I really should be jotting down small notes and interactions with my children, but I ultimately don't and then don't remember what I'm supposed to write down.

Then I feel guilty for not remembering and thinking that I'm failing my children and this blog for not writing down the cherished memories that I will ultimately forget.

My daughter in particular offers a lot of material. She picks up on words and terms that I never thought she would (e.g. "silky", "sour"), though the best has to be when she uses phrases that I use on a regular basis.

It is at those moments when you realize just how you come off to your children.

As far as Abby is concerned, this is me:

Name: Mommy, Chrissie, Mama

She has also called me ChrissieTom. Not really sure where that one came from. Well, I mean, I know where it came from, but I don't know why she used it.

Anyway, moving on.

Interests: Drinking coffee, running, exercising, working, finishing my work, text messaging

It is in this category that you, as a parent, recognize what is important to you.

  • Abby was playing in a car and declared she "had to go to work". She had to rush because she was running late. She still stopped for coffee.
  • Sometimes I ask Abby to do something and she tells me she "just has to finish some work" and that she'll "be done in two seconds."
  • Abby enjoys putting the heart rate monitor band around her waist and then telling me she's going to exercise.
  • Abby does a mean downward dog.
  • If I'm pushing her and Jack in the double stroller and I'm walking, she will ask, "Mommy, why are you not running?" Other times she will just yell, "Mommy, run! Run faster!"
  • I get ready to walk out the door for work and Abby tells me not to "forget my phones" (yes, plural).
  • My phone went off the other day in the other room and Abby brought it to me.

Habits: Tardiness, forgetfulness

  • Through tears because she doesn't want me to leave, Abby will say, "Mom--sniff--sniff--my ... don't ... forget ... your purse and your phones."
  • She has told me not to forget my keys.
  • I have then had to ask her if she'd seen my keys.
  • She tells me not to forget my sunglasses.
  • I have then had to frantically search for said sunglasses. Then I declare I'm late.

Traits: Loving, encouraging, demanding, others that I don't need to get into

  • Abby quickly learned to say, "GET DOWN!" to the cats when they are on the table. Best part is, they listen to her.
  • The other day I handed Abby something and she exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, "Oh, Mommy, that was so nice of you!"
  • I put a puzzle piece in the proper place and she said, "Great job, Mommy!"
I have to say that seeing myself through my child's eyes has to be one of the best parts of being a parent ... though I know the not-so-flattering traits and habits will continue to surface.