Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is going on in Abby Land

Trying to come up with current musings as far as Abby is concerned. Not sure I have any, so I figure I'll just write a general update.

She has currently learned to stick out her tongue after much prompting from Mommy (and now Daddy). She initially wowed us with her ability to mimick our obnoxious tongue movements and now can be seen sticking her tongue out nearly all of the time. Is there a "discovered tongue" field in the baby book?

His annoying factor has reached an all-time high since Tom has returned home from the Masters. It's amazing how jealous a cat can get. It's clear he now feels he is competing for my attention with Tom and follows me around the house meowing. When I sit down, he sticks his butt in my face. It's pleasant. He's still adorable, though. All he needs is love. He also needs to chill.

Going with the flow as usual. We had run out of wet cat food and had to order more. Once the food arrived, you'd think we just served her Kobe beef. She went nuts before, during and after eating. A reminder that this cat would eat 24 hours a day if we allowed her to.

As far as interaction between the three:

Abby --> Luke and Leia: She is entertained. She sees them and smiles.

Luke --> Abby: He is apprehensive. Gets somewhat close and sniffs. Then backtracks and runs away. Considering he has a fear of tissue paper and shopping bags, this is not surprising.

Leia --> Abby: She is neither intrigued nor afraid. Sometimes she will observe, but doesn't get too close. I'm interested to see how this relationship unfolds.

Luke --> Leia: Will randomly attack, but is currently preoccupied with gaining my attention.

Leia --> Luke: Not really paying much attention. Instead can be found "lamp bathing" or on my lap.