Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Child's Nap-Avoidance Strategy

I've been home all week. My child has napped maybe two hours total over that span. She is wily.

She has quite the strategy.
  • To avert me putting her in the crib to fall asleep, she will flip over onto her belly. When she is on her stomach, she then flails around "helplessly" until I come in to rescue her.
  • When I sit in the glider in the hopes that she will fall asleep if I'm in the same room, she executes the flip-over strategy and then peers through the bars of the crib to grin at me. This results in me pretending to sleep (though I haven't been far from not pretending).
  • When I attempt to feed her to put her to sleep, she "messes" her diaper, resulting in a need for a diaper change. In the midst of the change, she executes the grin strategy.
Abby seems to be managing sans naps ... I am struggling.