Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Big girl" bed?

With Little Man on his way, we have the quandary of where he will sleep.

Our hope is that Abby will move on to a "big girl" bed and he can have her crib.

Not exactly sure how that is going to go. She's a great sleeper and seems to sleep like her mother: as though she's in a coma. But it's the going-to-sleep process that has me wondering.

Currently, we have a great bedtime routine. She gets a bath, we read books and she goes into the crib awake. She has no issue falling asleep on her own.

Prior to falling asleep, however, she DJs in her crib.

She has a Twinkle, Twinkle Violet. We turn on the music after we lay her down in the crib. It says, "10 minute of lullabies."

Once we leave the room, it takes maybe one minute before she starts pushing the different buttons. The one on the bottom is nighttime music, but there is also a general music button.

She pushes this button over and over again. It starts out LOUDLY singing, "NAPTIME'S HERE, MY EYES THEY CLOSE ..." We end up hearing, "NAPTIME'S HEEER- NAPTIME'S HERE, MY- NAPTIME'S HEEERE ..."

In addition to that, she makes sure she pushes the buttons on her music box (aka mobile until we took the mobile part off of it). That includes music by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. Typically, Abby selects Mozart.

So we end up hearing the lyrics of Violet over the infamous Mozart. This is all well and good in her crib. But what are we to expect when she could potentially get out of her bed to unwind? What exactly will our child get into?

I'm very ready for the "big girl" bed, but it terrifies me at the same time.