Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Memories and Highlights

It was a wonderful second Mother's Day.

It was nice having the day with Abby - especially since she now understands completely that I'm her mommy (wasn't quite the same when she was seven months old).

Highlights of the day:
  • Tom made me breakfast this morning - eggs, toast, an orange and coffee. I brought my breakfast downstairs to eat and Abby proceeded to try and steal food off my plate and ultimately ended up eating the majority of my scrambled eggs.
  • Tom had Abby give me my gift - a poem with her hand print on it that Mimi helped her make at the library. She gave it to me and then Tom told her to give me a kiss. She said, "No," and then tried to leave the room, saying, "Downstairs?"
  • My poem says: "Dear Mommy, As I grow, I'll change a lot; The years will fly right by. You'll wonder how I grew so quickly; When and where, Oh my! When you look at this handprint and your little one recall; Memories will come back of me when I was so very small. Love and kisses, From your very own, Abby." Okay. I'm going to start crying again.
  • I had to work this morning. I was told one person I "looked hilarious" (due to my large baby belly) and then asked if "I was the one who painted my stomach like a pumpkin." Nope. Wasn't me.
  • I was trying to decide how to visit everyone I wanted to visit this afternoon. I wanted to visit my grandma and my parents. When I asked my mom what they were doing, she mentioned they had taken my grandma out to lunch and she was at their house. Bonus!
  • It was wonderful to see my parents, my sister and boyfriend, my grandma, my aunt and uncle and my mother-in-law. It was also awesome to spend time with my baby girl and my husband!
  • I was excited to get some ice cream to finish my great day. I scooped a bunch of ice cream into the bowl and then went to lick the scooper. The scooper was way too cold and my lip stuck to it. I lost a layer of the inside of my upper lip. It's bleeding. It hurts. Boo. (Yes, I know you are all thinking about A Christmas Story).
  • Finally, my top highlight was putting my girl to bed. She sat on my lap and let me read her four stories and then crawled right into bed. What an amazing blessing she is.
It is going to be difficult for me to create a better Father's Day! Though there is the possibility that I give Tom a son on Father's Day. That would be the ultimate, can't-one-up gift. Right?