Monday, September 24, 2012

Boy-Girl, Boy-Girl

I was putting Abby to bed tonight and she wanted to read "Thank You, God".

The first page had a bear with a bow on her head. Abby said, "Girl bear."

Then she called the boy bear on the other page the "Mommy big bear".

I said, "That's a boy bear. Who else is a boy in our house?"

After a perplexed look from Abby, I said, "Jack! Jack is a boy."

Abby replies, "No, Mommy! (with a you-are-an-idiot tone) Jack is a baby."

"Yes. Jack is a baby. But he's a baby boy."

"No, Mommy! Jack is a ba-by."

Yes, yes, I concede.

I then ask, "What is Abby?"

She proudly replies, "Abby is a girl!"

"What is Mommy?"

Abby says, "Mommy is a girl!"

Then I ask, "What is Daddy?"

She just looks confused.

I say, "Daddy is a boy!"

She replies, "No, Mommy ... Daddy is on the phone!"