Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's not the 'terrible twos' ... it's just Abby

Abby is a firecracker ... putting it mildly.

We've had multiple battles with her these past few weeks. We've technically lost each and every battle, but we will not lose the war.

About a week and a half ago, we went to Wiard's. We drove out there before I had to leave for Philadelphia, shelling out the overwhelming up-front cost knowing Abby would have a great time looking for pumpkins, seeing the animals and playing in the park area.

She instead refused to get out of the stroller. We ultimately had to take photos ourselves around the apple orchard and the trip ended up being nothing more than an extremely expensive tantrum.

Then we drove up to Grand Blanc the following week to get family photos taken. I have never had professional photos taken of our kids and was really looking forward to it.

I didn't dress Abby warm enough and she quickly wanted to go home. She said she wanted to go home every .2 seconds. I had to explain to her that I was still going to get photos with Jack, who was (naturally) happy as could be.

We ended up battling her back at the photography studio, but got a few photos with Jack after I had to throw/slide her next to him before she quickly scooted away.

Managing this child is a sport, let me tell you.

Then there was Halloween last night. I had bought her a costume knowing full well she wouldn't wear it, but I hoped I'd be proven wrong. I figured if I didn't at least try to get her into a costume I'd fail as a parent.

Well, she refused to put her costume on, even though it was Jessie from Toy Story. I let her know she was no fun (she wanted to keep her "kitty shirt" on) and proceeded to model the costume myself. Tom and Leia also took turns.

I see all of the positive in this behavior. I foresee a passionate young lady/woman who is loyal and fun. She will have no shortage of personality, that's for sure.

As for us, we'll just keep enjoying the ride and try to waste as little money as possible.