Sunday, March 17, 2013

Evidence that - for now - I am still the superior-thinking party

Me and my girl.
Went to Crisler Center today to watch the Selection Sunday show. Took both kids. Boy, that was a fun adventure.

Will save the unnecessary details. When we left, Abby decided she was going to be difficult.

We walked down the 4,000 stairs from the main concourse to street level. I was carrying Jack and half of my possessions and Abby was trailing behind, enjoying a leisurely, scenic stroll.

I got to the bottom (with Jack - should I mention he was squirmy? He was squirmy - and half my possessions).

That's when Abby gave me a look like she was going to mess with me and doubled back to have a little fun on the stairs.

She knew exactly what she was doing. She was bored and was going to entertain herself at the expense of Mommy. "Let's see what I can make Mommy do in public."

She walked up the stairs. I yelled for her to come down. She walked down a few ... then turned around again. At one point, Tom walked down the stairs with half his team. Awesome. Nothing to see here, guys!

Finally, I had it. I wasn't going to look like an idiot whisper-yelling (you know what I'm talking about) for my child to pretty please come downstairs so we could leave. So I told her, "Bye! We're leaving!" and walked to the door. Parents of older-than-two-year-olds, please don't tell me when this tactic stops working. I would like to relish in today's small victory.

Ultimately she came running behind me. She had her track suit on, but no winter coat. It wasn't bitter cold, but it was pretty cold.

Well, since she wouldn't come voluntarily and I had Jack in my arms - should I mention he was fussy? He was fussy - and half my possessions, I really wasn't able to put it on without running the risk of her scurrying out of my arms and back up the stairs. So I figured I'd pull a 1950s lesson and let her take the (short - please don't call CPS) walk to the car without it on.

She was not happy, but we got to the car and she quickly warmed up.

We had driven about halfway home when I turned around to look at her at a red light.

I asked her, "Do you know why Mommy was upset?"

She cheerfully responded, "Because I was running up the stairs!"

This probably shouldn't have floored me, but it did. She so readily responded. She didn't have an answer like, "Toodles!" or something else that didn't make sense from a two-year-old. She knew exactly why I was upset, confirming that look she had given me before was, in fact, because she was purposely messing with me.

We had a quick lesson in what she would do next time and I gave her a high five.

I have to say that, in Abby vs. Mommy, Mommy definitely won this battle. Not only because she understood what she did wrong, but because I now know her plotting capabilities when it comes to future head-to-heads. She can no longer pull the I'm-just-a-toddler-and-have-no-idea card with me. She showed me her hand.

Though, I have to say, this kid is pretty smart (she does, after all, take after me), so I have no doubt she'll up the ante next time.