Monday, July 8, 2013

Coming out of the woodwork ...

Abby and Jack
... to be sentimental.

I know I typically go for the humor angle, but this was beyond adorable and touching and I have to share.

As I told Tom, if I cried in happy moments, I would have been bawling. But I don't, so I cried on the inside.

These days, we put Jack to bed around 7:30. Abby goes to bed around 8:30. Jack has been awake when we bring Abby into the room. He gets beyond excited when we enter the room and any drowsiness he may have had dissipates.

I tuck Abby in and then I have to calm Jack down. Inevitably, he cries when I leave the room. At that point, Abby starts screaming because she wants Jack to be quiet. Attempting to explain the situation to a two-year old hasn't even occurred to me ... until today.

I decided to recruit Abby.

I walked in after the second attempt to put Jack down and I told her that he is only crying because I leave and that he would stop quickly as long as she didn't start crying.

I then told her that she would be a great big sister if she would help Jack fall asleep by reading him a book or singing him a song.

I left the room again. Jack screamed.

I started walking down the stairs and heard Abby's up-and-down inflection of telling a story.

I tiptoed back up the stairs and listened at the door. I couldn't make out what Abby was saying, but she was clearly "reading". Then I hear Jack let out a delighted giggle.

Abby then whispers excitedly to herself, "It worked! It worked!"

I was beside myself. Seriously the cutest thing that also showcased Abby's big heart and love for her brother.