Friday, April 24, 2015

Business Chic: Trusting My Own Instincts

I am a classic Type A personality. I want to achieve. I want to thrive. I want to be right.

These attributes are both a blessing and a curse. While I am more determined than most (and stubborn as a bull), I sometimes set off on the wrong direction. Because my personality is how it is, however, I usually sprint in the wrong direction. That leaves me much further off course than the average person once I recognize I need to reroute.

This has happened to me with Rodan+Fields.

Rising Goals

I entered Rodan+Fields excited about making some extra money. Income is sporadic with my PR business because it is event-based and not month-to-month, so I was looking for some stability. My goals were reasonable: be able to pay my monthly bills. My lofty goal? Sending my baby to daycare in the fall.

I set out on my journey only to meet one of the power players in the business. She hosted my launch party and she inspired me. Her personality reminded me of my own and she was impressed with me. All of the sudden, I believed I could do it, too.

Following the Rules

My beautiful upline sponsor, Heidi.
I attended a Leslie Zann conference with my team, having just come off signing an insane number of regular customers up for products. After listening to Leslie, I was immediately inspired to push myself to greatness. She stressed the importance of balance: push products, but also push the business. Okay, I thought. I can do that.

So I did. I began reaching out to prospects I believed would do a great job selling. I found some interested folks, but nothing panned out. I started to get discouraged that I couldn't sign anyone to be part of my team. After all, I wasn't going to succeed unless I built my business and built it fast. That was what was being preached.

Through that discouragement, however, I continued to sell products. I held my second and third parties and got better and better at talking about the products. Because, the truth is, I love the products. They work and -- more importantly to me -- they help people.

One Step Too Far

I was met with an eye-opening experience with one of my prospects that changed my entire outlook on this business. Without getting into detail, this prospect perceived me as pushing too hard for her to sign on.

I then took a step back and looked at what I had been doing. The behavior wasn't me. Granted, I am admittedly an extremely pushy person. Extremely. But I'm pushy when I believe in something for someone. I'm not pushy in a way of trying to force something on someone. There is a difference.

In my first two months within the business, I haven't had enough experience to get to the point where I can believe in something for someone. I have, however, had enough experience with the products to where I believe in them for others, and I've sold a lot of them as a result. And the more I sell, the more stories I get back from happy customers. I love it.

But from a business standpoint, I can't talk the talk until I've walked the walk. It unfortunately took a tough situation for me to recognize that, but I've recognized it nonetheless. Now it's time to reroute.

Perfect Timing

I have a very black-and-white way of thinking, so I started believing that I couldn't do this business if I wasn't willing to be the pushy person I was being told to be. Then I talked to my awesome upline leader, though, and she expressed to me that she may not have had the fastest start, but she's stayed trust to herself.

I'm recognizing that I can still enjoy this business simply by being myself and selling products. If others want to join me along the way, I will happily welcome them, but I'm not going to push anyone into doing something they aren't ready or willing to do. No more.

As though the Rodan+Fields gods wanted to reinforce this way of thinking, I received an unexpected package in the mail yesterday. It consisted of thank you cards and a R+F pen -- my first reward for reaching a milestone with the company. That small token made me feel so much a part of the business and fueled my excitement for continuing along the path I'm on.

I'm now looking to achieve the second milestone with the company through selling these amazing products I believe in 100 percent. I truly can't wait for my first business partner to come along -- I know she will -- but I'm done trying to force it. Instead, I'm going to control what I can control, and kick ass doing it.
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