Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Strike

Abby is on a nursing strike.

She is fine during the night (essentially when she wakes up in a comatose state), but is refusing to nurse during the day.

It's quite the rejection, let me tell you. And completely unexpected.

Before having Abby, I turned up my nose at breastfeeding. I claimed it "wasn't for me" because I worked and because it just seemed strange.

Some mothers convinced me to at least try it because the benefits are so high during the first six weeks. I committed for at least six weeks. We are now going on four and a half months.

I really love it and this strike is killing me! I have faith it will get better (I got some great advice from a friend and bought some new bottles), but it is really tough in the meantime!

It occurred to me yesterday that this is just one of many situations where this little person will succeed in helping me to feel completely inadequate. She doesn't know any different, but -- as far as I'm concerned -- she has a picket sign with "Say NO to nursing" on it.

We'll see how the situation plays out.