Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What happens to your spine when you become a parent?

Okay, seriously, I am completely lame.

Before becoming a parent, I would have confidently told anyone who listened that I would be that parent who struggled to leave her child. I would profess my ability to simply leave her at a relative's house and go out on the town or on an overnight rendezvous.

Now ... my "strength" has completely turned to mush.

I have the opportunity to go out with Tom Friday night and it very well could be our first full night without Abby. I am terrified.

For real?

I mean ... for real?

I definitely consider myself a parent with a drive to have "my own time," but even I am struggling to have a full night without my little peanut. What will I do when I wake up in the morning and she's not at home with us?

The answer is (wait for it): go pick her up.

This would be a good trial run for the three-night work trip I have in a few weeks (we won't even touch on that overwhelming sense of anxiety right now), but I'm still scared!

I feel so unbelievably pathetic.

Ah, motherhood.