Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Body After Baby: Will all the Overachievers Please Stand Up?

It's just after 9 PM. We've just put the kids to bed -- all three of them, actually.

I'm sitting here on the couch exhausted from the day and just wanting to check out. But the little perfectionist inside of me calls my name.

Work out ... work out ...

I actually haven't done my DDPYoga since last Friday (gasp). The baby has reflux and has not allowed me to put her down all week, making it particularly difficult to do anything. My goal is to work out in the afternoons, but it has been impossible ... unless I can somehow manage a downward dog with a baby in a sling. Doubtful.

All that being said, here is where I reach out to my fellow overachievers and ask you to weigh in.

We have a lot of good things going for us in the area of exercise. If you beat yourself up because you aren't exercising, you end up (wait for it) getting plenty of exercise. The problem is that you also tend to mentally exhaust yourself to the point of a nervous breakdown.

I have no idea what behavior rational when it comes to exercise. In the past, I've used it to help myself feel as though I have a sense of control over my life, which obviously isn't healthy.

Stair stepping is no joke, y'all.
I don't need to be getting all DJ Tanner on that stair stepper! I am also flashing to Jessie Spano with her caffeine pills, but I'm not sure that applies here. Other than the fact that I would really love a caffeine pill right about now.

Back to the point.

What happens is that I let a workout slide because I'm exhausted. Then the same thing happens the following evening. Then the next evening I start questioning myself: am I properly relaxing or am I being lazy? Then I go round and round in my head.

Then in order to justify my lack of working out, I plead my case to my husband. This gets pathetic, especially when he throws me off by encouraging physical activity.
Me: "I shouldn't work out tonight, right?"
Him: "No, go ahead. It'll help you feel better."
Me: ::curses his optimism::
Other times, I draw it out to really drive the point home with myself that I most definitely should not work out.
Me: "I shouldn't work out tonight, right?"
Him: "No, relax. You've had a long week."
Me: (Near whining) "But I haven't worked out in two days."
Him: "Just sit down. Watch Criminal Minds."
Me: (Puppy-dog pathetic) "Okay."
How do you fellow overachievers handle the balance between rest and exercise? Does someone else hold you accountable? HELP.