Monday, June 13, 2011

State of the Union: Abby and her Furry Friends

What's new in the world of Abby, Luke and Leia?

  •  She would like to crawl. But she cannot. She transitions from sitting to a three-point stance of sorts, belly flops, flails and fusses. It's like clockwork. Mama is ready for her to crawl. And, yes, I know "my life is over" when said crawling occurs.
  • She is reluctant to eat finger foods. You'd think we were attempting to feed her raw fish the way she reacts.
  • She apparently has an intense fear of helium balloons.
  •  His current method of attention-getting is scratching at the Pack N Play. In moments of desperation, he jumps in.
  • He gets semi-close to Abby before cowering away. Sometimes he accidentally lays within grabbing range. Abby got his tail the other day.
  • If Abby was able to toss his catnip fish into the kitchen for him, they'd be BFFs.
  • She clearly is developing a love for Abby. She volunteers for abuse (envision Abby's eyes getting wide with excitement as she lunges for Leia's face/ear) and then goes back for more. It's endearing.
  • She is still my snuggle-kitty. She is back to her old self ... the way she was before the pregnancy.
  • She still loves food.