Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To zoo or not to zoo

Since being a mom, I have heard countless stories about going to the zoo. I truly do not have any desire to go to the zoo. None.

Why, do you ask?
  1. Animals smell. I don't like to be around things that smell. Exception: my husband.
  2. I have a fear that I will see monkeys (or any other animal) doing it. 
  3. I don't want to see animal feces. This also applies to No. 1.
  4. Seeing animals caged up makes me sad. Many people see a video of a lion reuniting with its human "parents" as a moving experience. It depresses me. Not sure why. I also refuse to watch movies with animals in them. I have no idea how I'm going to handle Disney movies.
To digress about Disney movies, why are they always so depressing? Why does a character always die? I've heard it explained that it is the typical story timeline, but I'm just not a fan. If I'm going to watch a children's movie, I'd prefer I not be blubbering like one within the first hour.

To loop back around, I don't see myself going to the zoo anytime soon.