Thursday, June 30, 2011

Parenting is like Family Feud

It's amazing how you have all the answers pre-parenting. I can sit on the sidelines and watch what everyone else "should be doing." It's obvious, right?

It's like watching Family Feud. It's so easy to come up with the No. 1 answer from your couch, but the people who are actually on the show end up with off-the-wall answers.

"One hundred people were surveyed ... Name a household pet in America!"

"... Um ... um ... monkey!"

Cue laughter and the giant red 'X' and the couch-shouting. "WOW are you SERIOUS!? What an idiot!"

I am starting to feel that way right now. I was a parenting expert on the sidelines. Now I'm in the moment and feeling flustered with all the decisions I am going to have to make. What if I yell 'monkey'?