Monday, April 9, 2012

30 weeks? Holy crap.

Yes, 30 weeks. I am 30 weeks along with this little man. How is that possible?

With everything going on in my life during this pregnancy, it has flown by at a rapid rate. With Abby, I felt like it took for-e-ver (Sandlot quote). Now I'm in disbelief that we will be a family of four (humans ... two kitties) in two months.

I'm officially developing that concern that Abby is going to be sad once the baby comes. I know that she will be loved and jealousy is normal and yada yada. But (perhaps it's hormones or just Mommy-ness) I can't help but feel sad that she may feel rejected.

I'm definitely enjoying this time with her, though! Even though she gets into crazy-mode (I'm assuming because she's currently cutting four teeth). I really think these times are preparing me for the teenage years. The child can go off on a dime.

  • She currently enjoys fastening the buckles on her high chair (while she's not in it). Because of that, she threw a big-time fit when I tried to put her in the high chair to eat.
  • She needs to have three pacifiers ("thats") at all times. She will walk up to the dish drying rack and whine and scream until we give her three: one for her mouth and one for each hand.
  • We are terrible parents if we attempt to dance.
  • Sometimes we are allowed to sing. Other times we are terrible parents if we attempt to sing. I personally think Tom and I have splendid voices.
  • She loves being the center of attention, but don't try to pose with her on your lap. She runs. And screams. And fights.
These are just a handful of examples. Eighteen months going on 13?