Monday, April 23, 2012

Abby says the darndest things ...

We have an Elmo bath mat that we use to keep Abby from slipping in the tub. It has rubber decals within the layers of rubber. The decals are of Elmo with sandbox toys, beach balls, seashells, etc.

We are on our second bath mat since the first one "wore out" due to too much use in water (essentially, it ended up gross, so we made the switch).

Well, I was giving Abby her bath tonight and the bath mat had shifted so she could lift up the corner. She lifted it and looked at the suction side of the bath mat. The adhesive attaching the decals to the bath mat was turning black (you can see the adhesive since the decals are attached within the rubber layers of the mat).

Abby took one look at it and said, "Poop."

How observant.

Flips the bath mat over again.


What could I say?

"Yes, baby, that looks like poop, doesn't it?"

Flips the bath mat over again.


We'll be getting a new mat.