Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tough News: Luke's growth is cancerous

I received a call from the vet this afternoon and Luke's growth is (was) cancerous. It is a neurofibrosarcoma and I'm heartbroken.

I was really hoping to get a chipper call that confirmed a clean bill of health but that didn't come. As soon as I heard the vet's voice on the other end, I knew I wasn't going to get good news.

I have to take Luke to a cancer center on Tuesday to talk about next steps. Of course I've looked up this type of cancer and it's apparently locally aggressive, meaning it doesn't really spread, but it's also very difficult to get through surgery. Think of tree roots that implant themselves and make it difficult to get all of them out.

The vet that did Luke's surgery is optimistic since we got it so early, because of his age and because of this specialist she is sending us to. Still, it's difficult to look this stuff up and see things like a three-year survival rate being optimistic.

Worst of all is the idea of separating him and Leia. They are littermates and have been together their whole lives. In fact, they were inseparable since birth. Like I said, I am heartbroken.

I'm not sure exactly where to go from here. I'd like to start by halting all the crying I've been doing, but I can't seem to get the tears to stop. I love these kitties so much and thought for sure I'd have them to a ripe, old age.

I know I'm jumping to conclusions, but I just can't seem to snap out of it. I just want my furry baby to be okay.

Please say some prayers for us ... particularly for me getting through the next six days to Luke's appointment. I know it is going to be an anxiety-filled week.