Monday, August 29, 2011

Missing the point

So, we've reached that time where we're trying to teach Abby to talk.

We will do what undoubtedly irritates any non-parents in the vicinity and will say, "Abby! Say, 'kitty'" Her response is, "Kuh". Well, that's close enough.

My mission is to get Abby to say "Dada" when pointing at Tom. Tom is not compliant.

Every time I point to her and say, "Who's this?" She pauses for two seconds and then Tom screams, "Daddy!"

NO. We are teaching HER that you are Daddy. Therefore, she has to figure it out and she needs more than .2 seconds.

Me: "Abby ... say, 'Dada'."

Tom: "Daddy!"

Me: (pointing at Tom) "Who's this?"

Tom: "Say, 'Mama'!"

So, we are working in tandem on Abby learning to talk and Tom learning how to teach Abby to talk.

For the time being, we can rest assured that Tom, in fact, knows how to say "Daddy."