Sunday, July 1, 2012

The dreaded pacifier removal

Abby still uses a pacifier. We've all called it a "that" for quite some time. Not really sure how she started calling it "that" ... I think we just asked if she wanted "that" and it stuck.

Now she calls it "Pinky" because weaned her down to only using a pacifier at night and she would sleep with two: one pink and one green. Tom calls them "Pinky" and "Greeny" but she calls them both "Pinky".

Getting rid of the pacifier cold turkey has been in the works for awhile. We wanted to make sure it was the perfect storm. Unfortunately (because we're scared), that time is now.

  1. Jack is here and has woven into our household.
  2. She's on a rigid (and successful) sleep schedule for both naps and nighttime.
  3. We can't put it off any longer!
Since Abby is now obsessed with Toy Story, we decided to get her "big girl" gifts: Buzz and Woody dolls. These are the real deal, too, people.

We literally watch Toy Story, Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3 multiple times a day. Don't judge.

We figure these dolls would help the transition. We decided to pull the trigger tonight.

First we broke the news to her (following a nap when she still had "Pinky" and "Greeny" in her grasp) that she was a big girl and that we were going to give her pacis to babies. She handed them over.

Then we introduced her to her new big girl friends.

It was as if she saw movie stars ... or ghosts. She was totally freaked out when she saw Buzz and Woody. She has since fallen in love with Woody and is terrified of Buzz ... which is completely ironic because she refers to Toy Story movies as "Buzz".

But Buzz makes noise and he startled her, so now she just enjoys him from afar.

It was a tough bedtime tonight, but we're hoping she sleeps through the night no problem.

I'm fully expecting to need an adult beverage during tomorrow's nap time, however.