Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleep experiment fail

We got home from my parents' house around 1:45. Abby typically goes down for a nap around 1. So, I was already behind.

I brought Abby and Jack upstairs to the bedroom with the intent of putting Abby down for her nap. Well, Jack began stirring in his car seat and I had to tend to him first. I ended up getting him to sleep, putting him down in his crib.

Because he was asleep, I decided to test having Abby and Jack sleep in the same room.

When I was trying to put Abby down, she kept climbing onto the side of the crib to peer in at Jack sleeping.

"Jack? Jack!"

Then she would get down, point to the bottom of the crib and say, "Abby climb?"

Repeat times 10.

I finally went into the bathroom and got her stool so she could safely look in on Jack (in the event that he needed big-sisterly assistance).

I got her into her own bed and told her sweet dreams. At this point it was 2:45. Awesome job, Chrissie.

I heard her talking to herself (or Jack?) for awhile.

I would here a bunch of garbled gibberish followed by "Jack?"

"Ajdkau jkdaliurl djkalrks Jaaack?"

Repeat times 10.

She then fell silent for awhile. I held on to the pipe dream that she may have actually fallen asleep.

Then I hear, "Buzz Lightyear reporting for sector duty!"

My dream faded.

He reported a few more times before she started to say, "Woody? Woody? Woody Woody Woody? Buzz? Buzz? Buzz?"

Then Buzz's laser went off.

Now I hear her saying, "Ow! Ow! I hurt! A boo boo. A boo boo. Abby hurt!" For the record, I have heard zero thump or indication that she may have actually hurt herself. I call nap foul.

The glass-half-empty perspective: Abby didn't nap. She may be cranky.

The glass-half-full perspective: She occupied herself for more than an hour. Jack slept through it all.

No idea when we will retry this doozy of an experiment.