Monday, July 9, 2012

The maturity of parents

As many of you now know, Abby is currently obsessed with Toy Story. These movies are good, so it isn't an issue, but it has brought Tom's and my immaturity to light.

The main character in the Toy Story movies is Woody.

Do I need to elaborate on the immaturity I am speaking of?

The lines that make me giggle are endless.

In regards to getting the Toy Story dolls for Abby
Tom: "I was in the store thinking to myself, 'Should I get the 15-inch Woody or the 12-inch Woody?' Then I was like, 'Heh heh heh'"

Abby during the scene in Toy Story 2 when the cardboard cutout of Woody is revealed
"There's a BIG Woody!"

Me talking to Abby about finding her doll
"Where's your Woody?"

I could go on and on. Clearly we will be teaching Abby mature life principles as she grows up.