Friday, January 14, 2011

The Switch

I think there's a switch that goes off the second you become a mom. All of a sudden, things you never, ever, EVER thought you'd be excited about get you irrationally excited.

My excitement items so far:
  • Poop. I used to be completely unable to even utter the word -- it disgusted me. Now it gets me excited because I know everything's operating properly. Definitely wouldn't have believed this about myself pre-Abby.
  • Screw-on caps for breast milk bottles that you can set to the date you pumped. I nearly threw a party for the discovery of this product. Pre-Abby, I didn't even think "breast" and "milk" would be uttered (no pun intended, but HA!) in the same phrase regarding myself.
  • Pink clothing.  I proudly told people that my daughter wouldn't be wearing pink every day. Right. Then Tom dressed up Abby in a blue sleeper and she looked like a boy. I couldn't have my pretty little girl looking like a boy, now, could I?
  • Abby reaching for a ladybug toy in her play yard. It's at moments like these you realize your life has completely changed. No more all-night partying and dancing for you. It's your child's ability to locate an object and recognize she has the ability to touch it that gets your mojo going.