Sunday, January 23, 2011

To ask or not to ask?

I am fascinated with human nature.

I am not someone who need to put Abby in pink to make sure everyone knows she is a girl, but it shocks me just how often people assume she is a boy.

I will put her in Michigan or Lions' gear. For Halloween, she was wearing black and orange. What shocked me was that I didn't get asked if she was a boy or a girl, they just referred to her as "he."

Do strangers just assume I would only take a boy to a sporting event? Does she not have enough frill?

When I don't know the sex of a baby, I'll often ask, "What's the name?"

This keeps me from having to truly reveal I am clueless as to the sex, while still getting my answer.

When you really get thrown through a loop is when the name is androgynous like Taylor or Alex. Then you're back at square one trying to figure out what sex the baby actually is.

Gets me thinking about those headbands again ...