Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank goodness for more surface area

So, after what I will call "The Big Poop 2011" (I will spare details), we have officially moved on to Size 2 diapers.

Yes, in our little world of baby, this is a significant milestone. But more important than the growth milestone is the fact that we may be able to avoid the endless scoops of Oxi-Clean we have had to put into pre-treatment and the washing machine.

My stubborn self avoided trying on the Size 2s because I knew as soon as I did, I would want to change out all of the Size 1s. I went as long as I could stretching those Size 1 diapers until last night's explosion when enough was enough.

The really sad thing is that I carried her up to her bath (face-out and as far away from me as possible so to avoid the *ahem* dirtiness) giddy to put the new diapers on her. Giddy.

I gave her a bath, dried her off and ...


... oh, how exciting it was when I put the diaper around her waist and there was so much coverage!