Friday, January 14, 2011

Luke's Ice Obsession

Luke has developed an obsession with ice cubes.

Because I dropped many of them on the kitchen floor and Luke saw that they slide around quite easily, he started to get really excited whenever I would go to the refrigerator to fill up my water glass.

Of course I can't resist giving him ice cubes. So I go to the freezer and pull out ice cubes and take them to his water dish. He gets SO EXCITED. As soon as I get them out of the freezer and start walking toward the water dish, he starts making noise, "Mooow! Mooow!" and running toward it.

Then ... it begins.

Luke's (and sometimes Leia's) 10-15 minute stare down with the ice cubes.

Yep. They sit there. And sit there. And sit there.

I think it's funny.

To non-pet parents, this story often evokes this look:

I think it's funny, anyway.